Our carrier is Express Mail ServiceWe ship your Aeropuffing orders globally, literally to any country of the world,
with a small exception of Taiwan and Singapore.
Our proud official carrier is EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE,

Please kindly note all orders are to be paid in full prior to shipping.

How do I know the shipping costs to my address?
When you place your order at this website, our online store automatically calculates the shipping costs upon checkout. The price depends of the weight of your order, and the minimum shipping fee is set by Express Mail Service for 500 grams/ 1.1 pounds. We advise placing the order that weighs at least 500 grams/ 1.1 pounds, thus the shipping is moneywise for you.

Here are the most popular routes and countries:

500 gr./ 1.1 lb. and below:
(this is the fee for shipping several Gel-Pastes, Puffing Sponges, Top Coats and Reusable Stencils)
USA & Canada – $27.83
Central America & Mexico – $35.00
South America – $35.00
United Kingdom – €22.50
Western, Southern & Central Europe – €22.50
Eastern Europe, Ukraine – €17.82
Israel – $27.83
Australia – $35.00

From 500 gr./ 1.1 lb. to 1 kg./ 2.2 lb.:
(this is the fee for shipping Aeropuffing Nail Art Complete Kit and some extra products)
USA & Canada – $32.50
Central America & Mexico – $41.75
South America – $41.75
United Kingdom – €25.35
Western, Southern & Central Europe – €25.35
Eastern Europe, Ukraine – €21.73
Israel – $32.50
Australia – $41.75

Please note the shipping costs are calculated in accordance with Express Mail Service tariffs, which can be found here.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Depending on your country, you will receive your order from 8 to 20 days from the shipping date.
After you've paid your order in full, the lead time (e.g. time required to pack and ship your order and register it with a tracking number) is 2 days.

If you're placing and paying your order from:
USA – you will receive it in 14-16 days
Canada – you will receive it in 12-16 days
Central America & Mexico - in 16-20 days
South America - in 16-20 days
United Kingdom – in 12-14 days
Central Europe – 10-14 days
Southern Europe – 16-20 days
Eastern Europe, Ukraine – 8-12 days
Middle East – 15-20 days
Israel – 15-20 days
Australia – 22-24 days

How do I track my order?
After we've sent your order we will provide you with the tracking number and instructions on how to track your parcel.

What if my order gets lost?
This has never happened with Express Mail Service, but if it does, our company provides full 100% money-back guarantee, or we can re-send your order again on our expense.