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Seche, Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat, 14 ml

Brand: Seche
Product Code: 30606
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The coating is the fastest drying varnish in the world. The patented coating formula ensures its penetration through the varnish right down to the base coat, gluing all layers - base, varnish and drying itself - into a single whole. The coating will not turn yellow under any circumstances. Has a slight strengthening effect and completely prevents the chipping of the varnish. Gives the varnish a mirror-like shine that does not fade over time.

Application: Apply to wet varnish in one thick layer. After you remove the brush from the bottle, make sure that you have enough of the drug on it. Application to wet varnish does not smear the coating and only in this way ensures the most durable retention of the varnish on the nails. Apply drying as soon as possible and immediately close the bottle with a cap after the procedure - this will prevent premature thickening of the drug.

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