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Aeropuffing is an astonishingly new solution to nail art! This is a unique technique that allows you to create amazing designs, even if you’re novice at nail art.

An affordable alternative to airbrushing, where you can achieve the same results, but without the costly airbushing set. This is a no-mess system that keeps your manicure table clean (and you’re free from additional manipulations as in airbrushing, where you have to cleanse the airhose).

The kit comes with 12 AEROPUFFING Gel Paste colors and everything that you’ll need for your Aeropuffing designs. This gel paste has a unique formula – it has thicker consistency and doesn’t drag (like regular gel paints do), allowing you to create any nail designs, from chinese hand painting to casting effect and liquid stones nail art.

Kit contents:

  • Double-sided Aeropuffing Stick - 2 pcs.
  • Rounded Puffing Sponge - 6 pcs.
  • Dome Puffing Sponge - 6 pcs.
  • LED Color Gel Paste - 12 colors x 7 ml. each
    Magenta, Purple, Navy Blue, Light Blue,
    Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Teal,
    Green, Black, White.
  • No Cleanse Matte LED Gel Top Coat, 8 ml. - 1 pc.
  • No Cleanse LED Gel Top Coat, 8 ml. - 1 pc.
  • Cuticle Defender, 8 ml. - 1 pc.
  • Stainless Steel Palette - 1 pc.
  • Instructions sheet (English & Russian)
  • Reusable Stencils 20 pcs. Set - 1 pc.
    Set includes stencils of three different types:

    Boundless stencils
    №9 Zig-Zag
    №40 French Manicure Guides
    №41 Line

    Boundary stencils
    №10 Hearts
    №11 Circles
    №15 Grid
    №16 Broken Glass
    №17 Chess
    №18 Stone Pavement
    №19 Wind Flowers
    №20 Roses

    Local stencils
    №5 Chamomile
    №7 Maple
    №21 Simple Circle
    №28 Rounded Rectangle
    №29 Rhombus
    №30 Loving Heart
    №33 Pointed Star
    №35 Rough Petal Flower
    №39 Butterfly

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Diep Ho / 06/08/2018
Can you reuse the puffing sponge?. Thanks.
All of our microfiber Puffing Sponges are reusable and can serve you up to 5-6 months in a row with proper care and regular cleansing.
Get more info on how to clean the sponges with nail cleanser at our Instagram account:

Анастасия / 09/02/2018
Уточните, пожалуйста, какие именно номера трафаретов входят в набор?
В профессиональный набор Aeropuffing Nail Art Complete Kit входят первые 20 трафаретов из нашего ассортимента, то есть с номера 10107/001 по 10107/020
Анастасия / 08/02/2018
Каким образом очищать спонжевые насадки от гель-пасты?
Пуффинг-спонжи Aeropuffing необходимо очищать при помощи клинсера/ обезжиривателя.
Подробные инструкции представлены здесь:
Tatjana / 31/01/2018
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Space on your nails – it’s easy! AEROPUFFING.
Space on your nails – it’s easy! AEROPUFFING.
Happy Cosmonautics Day! Here’s a small demo how easy it is to create cosmos nail art on the nails of your clients by using Aeropuffing technique. ...

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