• ibd, gel varnish No. 65415, TOP-tional, 14 ml.

ibd, gel varnish No. 65415, TOP-tional, 14 ml.

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Product Code: 19400/199 Brands IBD

Bright red-pink enamel

.Ibd gel polish. JustGel is not a hybrid, but a 100% gel. The innovative formula does not damage the natural nail plate, allows the gel polish to be worn for over 21 days and can be easily removed with gel polish remover.

The main advantages of .ibd gel polish. JustGel:

- low cost of the procedure;

- is not a dangerous and flammable preparation;

- polymerized in a UV apparatus (36 watts) - 2 min. and LED device - 30 sec .;

- strengthens soft and brittle nails;

- odorless and can be used in any beauty salons;

- color palette over 200 shades

- can be removed by dissolving the material in just 10 minutes.


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