Interested in Aeropuffing hands-on education?


Our Aeropuffing team has over 20 years of experience for hands-on education around the Globe. Should you have your nail center/ beauty salon or beauty school – let us tell you why it’s great time to arrange the Aeropuffing hands-on class for your students.

We provide trainings throughout the world with professional nail coaches that can open a new world for you and your clients. In fact, Aeropuffing is so easy that even a child can master it. You would only need the detailed step-by-steps and some ideas.



Aeropuffing Class at Malta Sample designs by Aeropuffing Class students


  • YOUR SALES. Every nail designer needs magic Aeropuffing Stylus/Stick – something that she can use to make outstanding nail art. But having a Stylus is not enough – you'll need to know how to use it. Your students will open all the possibilities of our Aeropuffing System and will come back to you again and again to buy it. Thus if you are the Aeropuffing Distributor – get this opportunity! If not – turn to our Sales Department to get the in-depth info on becoming a distributor.

  • BEING UNIQUE. Nail trainers from Russia are world famous because of their unique style, but not every school or distributor can afford inviting such a person. Really, do you know beauty schools at your location who had recently invited someone interesting and inspiring? Be unique.

  • SHARE OUR EXPERIENCE. We have more than 20 years’ experience in nail education. And we know all the tricks to make the education effective and impressing. People will like the results they get because the System is easy and the trainer is a real professional.

  • MORE THAN THAT. Our clients usually invite the trainer for more than 1 day Aeropuffing class. Elena Maltseva, our famous nail trainer and world nail champion is educating all types of nail art and her works are impressive. E.g. we usually make 1 day of Aeropuffing and one day of something else like flowers or stones. See here all the things she can educate:


We can arrange classes with practical work/ hands-on education (maximum 20 persons); on-screen demonstration (maximum 100 persons).

Please message us for the complete info on the hands-on Aeropuffing trainings:


Please check our Facebook page for the dates, locations and prices.