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is an astonishingly new solution to nail art! This is a unique technique that allows you to create amazing designs, even if you’re novice at nail art. Aeropuffing is a patented product that allows you to create color gradients using our Puffing Sponges, make stencil painting and halo fading nail art using our unique LED Color Gel Pastes.

Aeropuffing is considered as an affordable alternative to airbrushing, where you can achieve the same results, but without the costly airbushing set. This is a no-mess system that keeps your manicure table clean (and you’re free from additional manipulations as in airbrushing, where you have to cleanse the airhose).


Aeropuffing Nail Art at its best with geometry patterns Stencils, Puffing Sponges and unique Aeropuffing Gel Paste will give you these results in mere 10 minutes Join the revolution with Aeropuffing!

Create nail art with ease!

You don't have to be an artist to create these designs – just use Aeropuffing technique to achieve the outstanding nail art in less than 10 minutes on the set of all nails.

Unbelievable, but it's true – and your clients will fall in love with your new nail art!

Gain more profits for your NEW manicures and NEW nail art with Aeropuffing.

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